Tuna As We Know It

There are various ways that Tuna is packaged, whether in Tins with Oils or a “Mojama”.

However, to some people, fresh Tuna is best eaten raw or cooked like a steak on a grill. We have many uses for it, though the former remains the most enduring.

Our fresh Tuna, weighing in at 89 kilos is kept on ice until it is delivered.

Recently we were lucky to have some Master Chefs over from Japan, who made a demonstration of how to cut this fantastic specimen.

The innards are cleaned out and kept for a special dish. There is a lot of blood still inside the Tuna and cleaning it can be a messy job.


Every part of the Tuna can be used. Even pieces from the head and bones.

The flesh is gloriously red, much like fresh beef. The darker meat can be used for grilling, sometimes it is too tough to be eaten as sushi as well as being too overpowering.

For Sushi & Sashimi, we only use the best parts. Kuchi demonstrates the final stages of portioning the meat. You can see the the meat at the lower half is lighter in colour.

On the plate you can see the various parts of the Sushi cuts. These will be used in different types of Sushi and Sashimi.

The cut furthest away will be used as Sashimi, the middle cut will be used in Sushi and the nearest piece will be cut in to strips and rolled with Rice and Nori to make Maki´s.

Tuna is truly an amazing fish and we feel proud to be able to offer the best pieces for our diners 🙂 .

Lets not forget though, that the Chef has to try some too 😉 .


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