Tuna Sashimi

There is a cut from the Tuna that is simply divine. It comes from near the stomach and fetches high prices on the market. It should, at its best, be eaten as is, in Sashimi form. It is known as “Fatty Tuna”, which really does melt in your mouth. Mind you, because of the high fat content, only a little should be eaten.

It´s colour is light pink, tinged with white specks. It has to be handled delicately and is extremely fragile. There are many grades of Fatty Tuna, or Toro as it is known amongst connesiours. The texture is like Velvet, and its price is dictated by its fat content.

For our Sushi we use a wide array of Fish, but Tuna remains our favorite.



One thought on “Tuna Sashimi

  1. When we were in the refugee camps in Thailand, they fed us a great deal of frozen tuna. By the time we came to the US, we were tired of even the word tuna itself. I didn’t know tuna can taste so good until I had my first tuna sashimi a couple of years ago. What’s funny is that I have never seen a fresh tuna before in my life until that moment. From now on when I think of tuna, I will imagine these beautiful pictures you posted.

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