Roast Duck

There is a kind of mystery surrounding the making of classic Roast Duck. Many books give you recipes that are hard to follow, some even tell you to add red food colouring!!

Some restaurants use a special cylindrical oven to achieve the crispy skin (perhaps the best part of the duck 😉 ). Seeing as we have an up-to-date oven, we can roast and steam many foods that the home cook cannot, or would find difficult to do. And, No, we dont add food colouring…

Khamsene is responsible for our restaurants duck, which we mostly serve with a Red Curry.

The duck is first cleaned and scalded with boiling water, patted dry and hung in a ventilated area for a few hours.

Sen then adds his Secret stuffing ingredients (ginger, coriander, five spice powder, garlic and other yummy things 😉 ) and carefull sews up the duck cavity.

In order for the air to circulate around the duck, we hang it to cook in the oven. We like to cook the duck in two phases, first for 45 minutes at 50º, then for 15 minutes at 180º.

It is important to let the duck “rest” after cooking, for a minimum of 15 minutes before you can start to carve it.

At our cooking times, the duck (about 2 kgs) will just be cooked through, with a “pink tinge” and not over cooked.


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