New Style Geang Pla

A translation of this dish would be “Fish Curry”. Any white fish can be used. The basis for most types of Asiatic curries is Coconut Milk, cooked with Herbs and Spices. For a Green Curry we use Green Herbs and for the rich wonderful colour we belend in some blanched Spinach and Broccoli.

The fish is marinaded beforehand and simply pan fried. The Green Curry sauce is spooned on to the warmed serving plate, then place the fish on top. (The Carrot is cut to resemble our Golf logo.)

I like Red Curry as much as I like Green Curry. The former is made in more or less the same way as the latter uses, Dried or Red Spices instead of fresh Green. For the bright colour I have blended in some blanched Red Peppers.

The “Foaming” effect lifts the Red sauce and creates an interesting contrast in flavours between the Green and Red Curries, with the fish lending a soft texture to tie it all together.

Surely by mixing red and green you should get yellow?


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