Her Name is Anouck…

Anouck is not a well known name, but one day we hope that her name will be famous as much as her music is cool, inspiring and uplifting.

Not only is Anouck young, beautiful and funny, she has a great voice and talent, she writes her own music…

She is Lao/French and lives in the UK. Her sister, Laurene works with us in Spain and is also King´s girlfriend.

Good looks run through the family.. 🙂


Aha! Good looks run through both families!!!! 😉


One thought on “Her Name is Anouck…

  1. Hello the Family, The Don, Rose, King n Lauz!
    u got some nice pictures. I wish i’ll visit u this summer!
    Hope u have some great times down there.
    And King next time u come, u’ll cook us some Japanese food get me [and don’t drink too much, ur face s going redddd!]
    See ya guys in July innit.

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