First Contact

Today I had a day off, so last night I went out until early this morning. 😉

I woke us at midday and wasted no time and started to prepare my lunch. I steamed some crab that I had arranged and sat down in the early afternoon and got “my fingers dirty”.

I watched Star Trek First Contact again this afternoon, but this time I had on the “Directors Commentary”. That’s one reason why I like to buy “Special Edition” DVD´s, it the little bonuses that make it worth while. Most of my DVD Movies are Special Editions, and I enjoy learning from the Commentaries, they unveil so much about the particular film, insights, reasons behind shots and general trivia.

Later in the evening I treated myself to some Grilled Ox Tongue with a Jéow Som (Sour Sauce) and Steamed Rice.

Basic Jéow Som

With a Pestle and a Mortar, pound some;




Fish Sauce

Add some squeezed Lime Juice and Rind to taste.

I find that a cold crisp Rosé wine goes well with the sauce, and tonight I have washed mine down with some Enate.

Its a bit “heavier” than some Rosés, but it has a lasting finish that compliments the sour tang of the Jéow Som.

Tomorrow I have to make some dishes for an internal film that will be shot in the afternoon, so I´d better get some rest and get my Thinking Cap on…


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