Roast Chicken

In our kitchens, we take pride in the preperation of our dishes, and prefer to work with small tables of 2 to 4 persons. However, there are times when we have to do group bookings, and for this, I always insist on a set menu, which makes it better for the clients, who otherwise would have to wait for the kitchen to churn out 10 or 20 different dishes.

You need to be quick when dealing with groups, all the course dishes has to leave the kitchen within seconds of the first plate.

Roasted Chicken is one of our favourite dishes that appear on Set Menus. We use Chicken Thighs (not leg) as we find this cut to be the most tender and moist (Chicken is so easily overcooked). The marinade is ever so simple, and like most simple things, it is perhaps the best. LKK Oyster Sauce, Sherry, Lemon Grass, Lime Leaves, Garlic and Coriander Root are pounded together in to a paste, sometimes a little Garlic is added to give the chicken a final push, and I always like to place some Basil Leaves under the skin. In fact the highlight of eating this dish is the Crispy Chicken Skin… yummy šŸ˜‰


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