The Men in White

It is said that a uniform can define your persona. When we don our Whites (Cooks uniforms), a wonderful transformation occurs. We become representatives of The Lao Cook Team, we become one finely tuned unit, a brigade with one common goal, to prepare cuisine to the best of our abilities, to please the palates of our diners, to uphold what we consider, important and wonderful.

I present to you, our Men in white.

Toon, King, Sen and Kham


Kuchi, Vienne, Toon and Sen

Saki, Toon, Peng, Sen and Kenji

Cheers! šŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “The Men in White

  1. Sabaydi,
    I’m very happy that the Lao team cook have a great change to travel in Europe, this team will learn many technics and cuisine basics because we need this young Chef later to represent Lao fusion food.I remember Phaithoune, Kham the butcher, Pheng…..ect…Good Luck for the team and SOKDI DEU!!!!
    Sayavouth(restaurant Na Dao Vientiane).

  2. “Kop Chai Der” Sayavouth for your nice comments.

    We also hope that Lao Food will rise, whether Fusion or Traditional, or what we like to call “New Style”.

    I hope to be able to meet you during my travels later this year.

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