Bounsou Senathit


Bounsou Senathit, a.k.a. King is my brother and has been with me in Spain for more than a year now.


King´s main section is the Teppanyaki Table, where he prepares food in front of the diners on a purpose built grill. King also works in the main kitchen and can be seen in the pic above preparing one of our sauces.




Not so long ago we had an “Open Kitchen” during a Congress of some of the best French cooks. The idea was simple, we would open up our entire kitchens and the French Chefs would come in to see how we worked and to make their own dishes too! What a great night that was to see so many cooks in action.

Open 1


King & Isa

Above King is pictured with Chef Isa who flew over from Japan especially for the weeklong Congress.




After work..


Below King goes through one of his short Teppan seasoning routines.

Apart from Food, King loves animals



“Spot the Monkey” 😉



5 thoughts on “Bounsou Senathit

  1. Long time childhood friend, miss the guy, miss our nites out,respect him as my older brother, good luck king chef of Laos down spain man lol glad to hear you doing well down there man, keep in contact init and fate will tell us when we meet again, you know london calling home for you :-P. hope laurene all well :-), sick pics man and heavi website keep it living, i chat to you soon man one luv, lil bro prakorn

  2. Sabaydee King !

    I just landed on this website and what a surprise to see your pics !! Well I am glad to see that everything is fine for you in Spain (you are so lucky to be in Andalucia !) and that you have found your way in the cooking. When will you visiting your family in PAris ? Are you coming for Heidi’s wedding ?
    Hope to see you soon man ! take care, peace out !

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