Life Imitating Art

We fondly call it the “Sphere”.

It is the decorative centrepiece of our restaurant, filled with tiny lights, that when lit, sends sparkles across the room.

It was handmade especially for the restaurant and represents a Universal Unity, bringing cultures together. Though it may seem a little Sci-fi, it is uniquely enchanting and blends well with the rest of the decor. Below I pay homage to our “Sphere”.

Green Tea & Cream Maki with Caramel Sphere.

The sugar Sphere sits on top of a velvet Maccha Green Tea “Maki”, an imitation of a Sushi Maki, otherwise known as a Sushi Roll. The delicate Caramel Sphere is made by boiling sugar, vinegar and water until it is golden brown and shaping whilst it is still hot. It is so fragile that it has to be mounted in a cold room, and once touched by the diners spoon, it will shatter.


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