Lao Cook Team (2006)

Who is who. (with a funky soundtrack 😉 )


The Lao Cook Team is an International Group of Cooks and Service staff who have been brought together to form a unique partnership and family. We have members from Laos, Thailand, Japan, UK and Spain.

Together we work, rest and play…

The Original Team, Lao and Thai cooks (who arrived together) go out for one of many evenings.

We decided to have a party, and an opportunity for us to get to know our new family.

Yes, thats a “Tum Mak Houng” coming up.

A night out.

The DJ spins tracks.

Pool Volley anyone?

Apart from the Spanish beer, you could be mistaken in thinking that we were back “home”…


15 thoughts on “Lao Cook Team (2006)

  1. That’s a nice hotel. And with Lao food to boot! How can you beat that? OK, if I hit Spain I’ll make reservations. In the meanwhile can you come to Chicago and open a restaurant next to Charlie Trotter’s? It’s time to give Lao food a higher profile.

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  3. Thank you for your sharing website, I really enjoy watching all the clips of all the different Laotian dishes. You have a wonderful team of excellent cooks. I am encourage thank you again for doing what you do in motivating people who love cook, the starter cook, and the don’t know how to cook ,but want to start, all over the globe.
    Houston, Texas

  4. Hola Jodi, and thanks for the nice comments. It is comments like yours that drives us to do what we do, and we are ever so happy that it encourages you.


  5. I have to give you compliment for creating this website…it doesn’t indicate Lao food only but it shall cultivate and remind that we should proud to be Lao.^-^

  6. I have finally found a Lao cuisine blog! I could not be even happier… I will take my time another day on reading the entire blog. Keep up the good work! 😉

    PD: I am half Spanish, half Lao and was born in Venezuela.

  7. Hello, I was very impressed with your skill but can you explain a little more about your service. Are you a school that is training people to become Laotian chef? I own a restaurant and would like to learn more unique items to add to my menu. We specialized in Asian Cuisine, I am Latian and my husband is Lao-Chinese. We always look for new and unique ideas especially in the Laotian cuisine because we are trying to increase the number of Laotian customers, right now 75% of our customers are americans. Please let me know if you have a short fast track training. Thanks,

  8. Sabaidi Lao cook team,

    I am a vietnamese/laotian 31 year old woman, born in France. I just graduated from my french cooking school.
    I found your website by chance and thought it was great as you guys look pretty professional. I am very impressed with what you can do with laotian food.
    It is becoming more popular in France and it is always a surprise to me as we know how particular laotian cuisine can be, not necessarely fitted to caucasian “palais”.
    So, your site really convince me that it is happening!
    I would have been interested in spending a short time in your kitchen as an intern and discover your world.
    Could you tell me if this is possible and how to procede?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and congratulation again.

    Q, La Diva des fourneaux

  9. Dear Vienne,
    Thank you for your reply.I’m looking forward to hearing from you.I might come to spain and experience your cuisine so hopefully I’ll meet you there before 2008!
    Thank you again
    Mademoiselle QLa Diva des Fourneaux

  10. Sabaidee Lao Cook!!……..
    I would like to invite you to our website. We would love to have your pictures and videos hosted on our site. Membership is free and you will get yor own page to promote your product/website to hundreds of Lao members
     Hope to see you there!
    Kaw Krop Jai Der

  11. Hi all in Lao cook!

    Love you guy had done a great job.
    Hope to see video “how to cook lao
    food” so everyone can learn.

    In the mean time good luck to all
    and enjoy life.

    Don’t forget to drop by my site above.


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