Service and Served…

What happens behind the swinging doors of a restaurant is normally hidden from view (secrets are kept šŸ˜‰ ).

What is known as “Front of House” or “Service” are the people that diners and clients see. They are our Actors and Actresses in our grand play of Cuisine. They are the “friendly face” that you see. In them, we trust that you will have a memorable experience, be attended to, be taken care of. Without them, the whole show comes to a halt.

If you can have a great Kitchen, and a lousy Service, probably diners will walk away unhappy with the experience. In our world, recommendation by word of mouth speaks volumes.

I have been to countless restaurants where the food is fantastic, only to be let down by the service, on the other hand, I have been to restaurants where the food is “okay”, but the Service was outstanding, and these are the restaurants that I “return” to. Its a partnership, and a very important one.

Above are my key “Service Team”.

Laurene, who is Half French and Half Lao (and KingĀ“s GF), Maria Jose our Spanish Service Leader, fondly known as “Jopi”, (yes, its pronounced “Hopi”) and Japanese starlet Megumi, otherwise known as Mrs. Kenji Shindo.


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