The Thai Connection

A few years ago, I travelled around Laos and Thailand, looking for would-be Lao Cook Team members. It was diffiicult to find those who I thought would integrate with my proposed unique environment. After searching and trying many restaurants, I met Kittirat, Phay and Pichet.

Each of the Thai cooks had a unique quality that I found pleasing. They are different in many ways, however, they are bonded by one common goal. To make what they believe to be the best, whether it being the repect of new ingredients or the respect of New Lao Foods. Each one of them has added a certain quality that I find enchanting.

Kittrat is being trained in our kitchen´s French section, whilst Phay and Pichet continue to progress with Japanese influenced cuisine, especially our beloved Sushi & Sashimi.

Above is Pichet and Phay before Service.

Fondly known as the “A Team” (Asiatic Team), we are constantly seeking new ideas, challenges and culinary adventures together.

Currently my team and I currently working on a version of “Goong Che Nam Pla” and we have incorporated designs and methods from Laos, Japan and Thailand. If all goes well, it may make it as one of our Signature Dishes…


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