Food Music

When at home, I always cook with music playing in the background. I think the two go together, and I know that most of you do too.

I like all types of music, in fact I find one of the hardest questions to answer is that of “what type of music do you like?”.

I find that I have great results in my home kitchen when I listen to Emma Shapplin. You could say that her music is Modern Classic, or whatever “word” they have for it.

Not only is she beautiful, her voice is hauntingly moving, uplifting, celestial and serene all at once. Especially the tracks “Cour Senza Sangue” and “La Notte Eterna”. You can buy her CDs at Amazon or other retailers.

Sometimes I also like to listen to 80s/90s music, it kind of takes me back to a time when life was carefree and you felt that you were “King of the World” (yes, the “younger days” šŸ˜‰ )

Sadly its too load in my work kitchen to listen to music, but sometimes you can hear me humming….


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