Good as your Team…

After a hard day in the kitchens there is nothing better than “chilling out” and having a drink (sleep can wait when the adrenaline is still in your system šŸ˜‰ ).

We make it a point to include all the Team in celebrations, be it clients birthdays, Parties/Fiestas or simular. This ensures that the Team knows they play an important part in the huge circle of events, I mean, without them, there is no Me, or Us. You are, at the end of the day, as good as your Team.

Khamsene (Laos), Kenji (Japan) and Kittirat (Thailand) during the New Year Celebrations.

Khamhoung (Laos), just before the New Year Celebrations.

King NY
Phaitoon (Laos) and Bounsou (UK) sometime in the early hours (dont let the time on the photo fool you, someone doesnt know who to set the time on their new Christmas present…).


One thought on “Good as your Team…

  1. Quite a team you got there. It is true you are as good as your team is. I think you created a very unique restaurant and luckily you realized people are key.

    You could probably have hired Spanish cooks to try the same Lao recipes but that will never result in high quality authentic Lao cooking.

    I don’t think there are many restaurants in the world outside Laos with such an unique team setting, let alone in Europe.

    Good show and good luck people šŸ™‚

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