Tuning Up…

I love fish, especially Sashimi. But the best type of fish has to be the Tuna. I am fortunate enough to be able to obtain Tuna from the nearby port of Barbate (the Almadraba).

We only use the best cuts for our Sashimi, the Toro! This cut just “melts in your mouth” and fetches high prices in restaurants. However, not all of the Toro is “beautiful” enough to be used as Sashimi, so that is when our Toro Tartare is made.

The Tuna is minced by hand (never by machine, which can warm the meat), and kept cool by placing it in a metal bowl which is rested on top of crushed ice, this way the Tuna retains its flavour and freshness.

We then pack it in to steel circular molds and keep it in the fridge until needed. When it is ordered, we mix it with our special dressing made from Yuzu and Maggi/Soy sauce, it is served with Chives, Grated Ginger and Caviar which lends a pleasant saltiness to the tangy dressing whilst the Ginger adds aroma and “heat”, we also use a dash of Sesame Oil to give the dish extra body.

Tuna Tartare
Sometimes we just mix the minced Tuna with a Wasabi and Onion Vinaigrette and add a dash of Tabasco to bring some sour heat.

When making this dish it is important to work fast as you want to serve the Tuna when it is at its best, and because Toro contains Marbled Fat, it can start to “melt” if you are slow.

Another great dish for Tuna is to Flash Fry it Clarified Butter and serve it with Asparagus which has been drizzled with Lime Juice, so simple, yet so appetising.

Sometimes its the simple things in life that we get the most pleasure from…


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