King & I

My brother, whose nickname is King has been with me in Spain for almost a year now. He is studying Teppanyaki Cuisine.

King and I

Our restaurant is a wonderful fusion of Lao, Thai and Japanese cuisines and cultures. We have a Sushi Bar, 2 teppanyaki Tables and a central restaurant where we serve “a la carte” Lao and Asiatic dishes.

Some of the dishes we make are influenced by our forefathers and the traditional way food was prepared. I love the rhythm of the Pestle & Mortar when we make our Jéows (sauces/chutneys) and Tums (Lao style pounded salads the most famous being Tum Mak Houng (Papaya and Chilli)).


One thought on “King & I

  1. Lovely picture boys 🙂 bet you’re parents are immensely proud. You deserve it. I’m in Valencia with April soon, shame you’re so flippin’ busy these days it would’ve been great to drop by and see you! Never mind, one day soon perhaps…Well done babe!

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