Doors Open!

Finally my arm has been twisted… I have taken DJ´s advice and started this site. Gawd only knows what I´ll be posting, before you know it you´ll be reading my rants, moans and groans, correcting my sspelling and basically have a laugh at my ideas…

Banh Coun

Above is my attempt at Bahn Coun, which is a Rice Flour Steamed “Pancake”, filled with Minced Pork and Herbs.

I have always loved the silky texture of the Pancake and have fond memories of eating Sunday Dim Sum in London´s Chinatown. Never would a Dim Sum lunch go by without an order of Cheung Fun (as its known in Chinese circles).

Noodlepie´s site got me interested in making the dish, it has a wonderful Video of the dish being made in a Vietnamese Market.

I have added Red, Green, White and Black Peppercorns to the dish as well as Steam Chinese Leaves. The sauce we use is basically a tangy variation of the original “Boiled Sugar & Chilli” sauce that can be found in most restaurants.

Roasted Crispy Shallots add an smoky aroma to the finished dish.

Below is a “Blast from the Past” dessert that I made 2 years ago (yes, I was browsing through my HD). It was called the “Homage to Fabergé” and was released just before Easter for a limited time.

Homage Faberge


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